First cfe-certified company in Europe - Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana

January 23, 2017 | Ljubljana
Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana

The Faculty of Computer and Information Science is the leading teaching and research institution in the field of Computer Science in Slovenia. In 2014, the Faculty relocated to its new facilities on the south-west border of Ljubljana together with the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. This was the largest project in Slovenia to be co-funded by the European Union and the largest investment in the history of the University of Ljubljana.

Certification process background

In 2015 the Faculty joined the EU project Push&Pull with two main goals: to introduce charged parking for employees and to continue to encourage sustainable travel to work. One of the proposed measures within the project was also the CFE certification process developed within Bike2Work project.

Highlights about the implemented cycling measures

The Faculty was already active in the field of sustainable mobility so taking part in the two above mentioned EU projects enabled it to develop these activities even further. The certification process was carried out in December 2016 by an auditor from the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia and with representatives of all key stakeholder groups. The Faculty gained 155 out of a maximum of 275 possible points (the minimum needed to receive the certificate is 56 points).

Some of the already implemented measures are:

  • Dedicated funding for sustainable travel modes, acquired through parking revenues (core funding mechanism approach) – Parking policy in place since 2016;
  • Adequate number of secure and sheltered bicycle parking for employees located within the building itself;
  • Changing rooms for employees with lockers and showers;
  • 3 company bicycles;
  • Company bicycle trips on a regular basis;
  • Tool kit with small spare parts that can be used by the employees for quick repairs on their bicycles;

The Faculty is keen on improving cycling conditions in the future with a focus on information material, promotional events and improved facilities for students. The measures to enable these improvements will be implemented as a part of the Faculty’s travel plan developed within the Push&Pull project.