Benefits for businesses

Reduction of sickness costs

Employees that commute by bike throughout all year round have a third less sick days than those who travel by car. A company can save more than 200 € per employee with one sick day less in a year. Motorists are the ones with the highest number of sick days per year (more than 30 sick days per year)!

Employees that travel by bike have the lowest BMI values. (Cyclists: 24.01; car-users:25.66) - Employees traveling by bike have the highest well-being-score. The higher the value, the higher is the well-being of the participant. (cyclists: 60,61; car-users: 54,61) 
Cost savings in infrastructure

Cost savings in infrastructure

Bicycles require less space and less complex infrastructure: The installation and maintenance costs for bike storage facilities are far lower for companies than the installment of parking spaces for cars. Up to 6 or 7 bikes can be parked on a single car parking space (12 m²)

Ease the traffic situation

Employees travelling by bike have better accessibility to their company; they have fewer problems finding a parking space and therefore also arrive late at work less frequently. Cyclists relieve the entire transport system and thus help to reduce the costs for traffic jams and delays! 

Environmental benefit

Reduction of environmental impacts and noise - contribution to climate protection.