Background of the certification

In order to give European companies a special incentive to focus more on bicycle friendliness the consortium of the EU project Bike2Work has developed an EU-wide certification for bicycle-friendly companies – the so called CFE-certification. The project started in 2014 and run till 2017. The main objective of Bike2Work is to encourage a significant modal shift from motorized commuting to cycling. Using a two-fold approach it targets both, employees’ behaviour through Bike2Work campaigns and employers by encouraging them to meet the needs of cyclists by making the company more bicycle-friendly. As a result employers and employees will be using a more sustainable form of commuting: cycling! Bike2Work uses this two-fold approach because the bicycle-friendliness of an employer has a proven effect on the number of employees cycling to work and vice-versa. So this complementarity leads to maximum success with regard to shifting the modal share towards cycling. The idea for a -European CFE-certification scheme was born and implemented during the project period. The project consortium consists of the following organizations: ECF (European cyclist federation/EU), FGM AMOR (Austrian Mobility Research), CTC (Cyclists’ Touring Club Charitable Trust/UK), ADFC (German Cyclists' Federation), UIRS (Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia/SL), Paragon Europe (MT), BCA (Bulgarian Cycling Association), NMCU (Nantes Métropole/FR), SinBic (Cyclists' Union/ HR), AGR (Green Revolution Association/RO), FIAB (Italian Federation Friends of Bicycle), Fietsersbond (Dutch Cyclists' Union), DCF (Danish cyclist federation)



Map of bike2work in europe