3 steps to get CFE certified



Sign up for national audit CFE certification Company recorded on the certification website makes online a check whether enough points can be achieved for a positive evaluation.


Sign up for national audit

In any B2W partner country, there is a national focal point that will make the audit at the national level. get an overview of the national focal points here.


CFE certification

Receiving the CFE label and get the certificate. Certification is valid for 3 years. Each year the company has to make a self-evaluation report.

Must criteria to get certified

To get the certification as a bicycle-friendly company, one must criterion has to be fullfilled

1. Mobility / bicycle company coordinator

The bicycle coordinator should have all information on cycling and also be well informed about mobility alternatives and mobility policy. The company coordinator is the focal point for cycling and related specifi c mobility issues, and should cover the following areas of responsibility:

  • Establish an agreement to increase the share of cycling in the company
  • Regular information on cycling topics and related mobility topics relevant to all employees
  • Check possible funding opportunities to support cycling
  • Establishment and development of a mobility strategy
  • The mobility / bicycle company coordinator has a monthly time budget of 2 hours available for
  • these activities.

Some countries decided to have a second must criterion

2. Qualitative bicycle parking has to be closer to the company entrance as car parking

The characteristics of quality full bicycle parking spaces are:

  • Racks available to lock both the front wheel and the bicycle frame
  • Close to the company entrance
  • Size: 2 meter x 80 centimeters per parking space
  • At least 1 parking place per 5 employees
  • Barrier free access or easily navigable ramps
  • Good lighting is recommended (e.g. with motion sensors)
  • Adequate space for parking and retrieving the bike

Action fields and Point system

To give companies an impression what they can do improve the conditions for cyclist the cfe-certification scheme defined six action fields. Every action field includes different measures that can be implemented and a certain number of poinst is assigend to each measure. Get detalied information on meausres here. To get positive certifi ed a company has to reach a number of minimum needed points in every action field. The minimum needed points are not the same in all participating countries. To get detailed information on your national points system get in touch with your national certification contact point.



Actions fields


The cfe-certification provides a new developed self-evaluation tool for companies. The tool is a preliminary step for the evaluation. It gives companies the possibility to prove if a positive evaluation is possible. If a company reaches all needed points an onsite audit can be requested. The result of the self-evaluation builds the basis for the onsite audit.

If you want to start a self-evaluation register your company here.

After registration the company receive login data for the internal area. If you are logged in the selfevaluation can start. To get an impression what can be understood under the individual measures that are needed for the self-evaluation. It is recommended to have a look into the guidebook “bicycle friendly employer – easy made”.

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