Call for Applications – Implement the Cycle-Friendly Employer Certification in your country

March 04, 2019 |


The Cycle-Friendly Employers (CFE) Consortium is launching a call for new members from Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Serbia and Turkey for the period 2019-2021.



Why a CFE certification framework?

Certification is intended to help European companies improve the situation for employees that cycle to work and to offer acknowledgement and reward for their efforts. Cycling can contribute to the success of a business or organisation and supporting employees getting to work by cycling is a worthwhile investment. Studies show how physical activity and air quality have a big impact on personal well-being and environment, but also companies benefit of them: healthy employees are more productive and the ones who commute by bike are on time, more alert and less prone to stress.

Why implement the CFE certification framework at national level?

Implementation of the CFE Certification Framework offers a clear opportunity to empower NGOs and cycling associations. The certification process will be managed by national coordinators with the support and guidance of the CFE Consortium. This is an exciting business opportunity for the next 3 years not to be missed! 


The call for applicants 2019 is an open competition whose objective is to select one organization in each of the aforementioned countries that will:

  • implement the CFE Certification Framework at national level;
  • release the CFE certification to cycle-friendly companies;
  • build a cycle-friendly employer culture at national level;
  • promote the CFE Certification Framework;
  • be part of a European CFE network.


Official Documents:


Submission deadline: Monday July 1st 2019


Contact: Ms. Froso Christofides, Project Officer, // 0032 2 8809 274