ASAŞ Aluminum Industry and Trade Co. Inc. secures Gold CFE Certification as it leads the way for more and better cycling in the workplace in Türkiye

January 15, 2024 | Türkiye
Factory worker riding bicycle on company cycle path

ASAŞ Aluminium Industry and Trade Co. Inc was awarded Gold level Cycle-Friendly Employer (CFE) certification, by ECF Member and CFE National Coordinator for Türkiye, ENVERÇEVKO, becoming the second-ever Turkish employer to be certified.

ASAŞ Aluminum Industry and Trade Co. Inc. is a leading European manufacturer, serving a wide range of sectors such as construction, transportation and energy. Situated in the province of Sakarya, the company employs over 3,000 people. The factory is a large facility covering a vast area of 2 million square meters, which is set to expand in the near future.

ASAŞ has been long committed to strong social and environmental principles. Reducing their work's environmental impact whilst improving their employees' health was a primary motivation for pursuing CFE Certification. The bicycle offers a simple and practical solution to the daily mobility needs of their employees whilst reducing the factory’s carbon footprint. ASAŞ has put in place a number of impressive measures to help integrate the bicycle into the day-to-day running of the company. In addition to the provision of 320 bicycles, an 8km bicycle path on the company campus allows for easy transportation between the factory’s production facilities. ASAŞ will also support employees who want to cycle to work by connecting bicycle transportation with the nearby Akyazı district, encouraging a healthier commute.

The company views CFE certification as a powerful tool in forging healthier individuals and societies. It hopes to use its certification to raise awareness amongst employers in their region about the environmental and socio-economic benefits of cycling to work. The company has already established strong connections with local governments, including Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality. Together, they are planning an ambitious project to build a bicycle path between the nearby city of Sakarya and the Akyazi district, creating important transport links. In 2020, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality was designated as a “Bike City” by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), reflecting the region’s drive for more and better cycling. Partnerships with big industries, such as ASAŞ, have real potential to accelerate the sustainable transport transition in such areas.

Other ways ASAŞ has facilitated cycling amongst its employees are through the establishment of a repair shop, with an around-the-clock mechanic and numerous parking spaces spanning the entire campus. All bicycles undergo general maintenance twice a year and employees are eligible for regular health checks.

Head of ENVERÇEVKO, Feridun Ekmekci, believes the company’s CFE certification will incentivise employees to take up cycling. This has certainly been reflected by the enthusiastic reception of staff members during company-organised weekend cycling activities. ASAŞ also offers bicycle training through the ASAŞ academy, which focuses on helping employees develop new skills and competencies.

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