The guidebook “Bicycle-friendly employer - made easy" helps SMEs to promote cycling in companies and to build up an in-house cycling culture. The main target groups of this manual are company coordinators, corporate social responsibility experts, environmental and mobility agents. In order to show small companies how easy it is to implement several bicycle-friendly measures, special tips for SMEs can be found in the box termed: implementation tips. The guidebook describes several measures that can help to increase the share of cycling within companies and to improve the framework conditions for cycling employees.

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Description of CFE certification process

In order to give European companies a special incentive to focus more on bicycle friendliness in companies, the consortium of Bike2Work has developed an EU-wide certification scheme for bicycle-friendly companies. The present document gives you an overview of the structure of the basic process of the certification scheme. It describes the point system and the mandatory criteria and explains the self-evaluation tool for companies.

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Case Studies

The download section „Case Studies” provides best practice examples and experiences from European companies that demonstrate possibilities to improve the framework conditions for cycling employees. The examples are intended to help companies to become active themselves and to implement measures that help them to become a bicycle-friendly employer. In addition, European best practice examples of Bike2Work campaigns are presented.

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Campaigning to increase cycle commuting in Denmark

Bike2Work is a national campaign that promotes cycling as a mode of transportation to and from work. Denmark is generally known for its large number of cyclists and the annual campaign encourages a number of new people to cycle and motivates others to launch the so-called bicycle season.

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